We believe that design transcends beyond the mere aesthetic value and development is a vehicle carrying this design. So for such a high class rider, vehicle should also be superior. And to achieve this, we like to follow this stratagem:

technical Advisory

Technical Advisory

The team of Technical Advisory at Citrusbug does an in-depth research of the market by doing thorough context as well as competitor analysis. They come up with the best-fit ideas on how you might implement a cutting edge technological solution that make you the brand new evoloving face of the market.

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Software architecture

Software Architecture

The path from the project scope to the final delivery is the crucial part to be maintained and followed. Our team is specialized in designing it in such a way that we don't miss even a single process. We drive it through many different obstacles but it allows us to enhance our skills and provide our customers with satisfactory results.

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Instant Prototyping

Instant Prototyping

We turn your ideas and thoughts of your mind in visual graphics which can be touched and felt. This is where we polish your visualization, draw a roadmap and design a flabbergasting clickable prototype in a matter of days, rather than months.

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Design from the beginning

Design from the Beginning

"Design is the Silent Ambassador of your Brand" - Paul Rand

And we believe that this silent ambassador should be decided from the beginning to market your brand from the very first day. The more this design is impregnated in the company's DNA, the more impact it will have on the market and the product. So we understand the design as a process and by mixing collaborative work, strategic thinking and creativity, we give an amazing appearance to any brand.

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software development

Software Development

The software trends and methodologies change bewilderingly fast and we come across new different coding languages every now and then. To decide the developer proficient with these coding skills is a tedious task. Citrusbug can bring well over 10 years of combined experience to bear. We are not tied with any coding languages, it will be decided based on the project scope and workflow. At last we ensure the smooth delivery and long standing solutions.

service 6
Quality Analysis

Quality Analysis

Our service doesn’t stop at the “Launch” of a website. We do a in-depth research and design the test-case scenarios and finally deliver the error free site. We also provide Support, Updates, Maintenance, Marketing and Back-Ups for your website and systems.

service 7
cloud hosting

Cloud Hosting

Once the development is done, we help you manage the domain. So we can start your project from managing the domain and hosting plans and end it with security check up and speed optimization.

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