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eCommerce Mobile App vs Website: Which is Better Solution in 2021?

eCommerce Mobile App vs Website: Which is Better Solution in 2021?

The eCommerce industry is booming after the impact of Covid-19 pandemic as tremendous amount of retailers are embracing online purchase in order to avoid physical visit and give their customers flexibility. Also, many eCommerce start-ups have arised in 2021 to replace the traditional methods.

You can look at the exponential growth of eCommerce market in the below graph posted by Rakuten Intelligence amid Corona virus outbreak.

ecommerce trend amid covid-19 pandemic

So when you’re jumping into the eCommerce industry, there are two optimal solutions available i.e developing an eCommerce Website and eCommerce Mobile Application.

Basic understanding of eCommerce website and Mobile application

E-commerce website consists of a domain name that can be accessed by anyone having internet connection while mobile application runs on mobile devices across two popular operating systems – Android & iOS. But user needs to download your application in order to browse through your products and make a purchase.

As the use of mobile phones is increasing rapidly and according to research, 70% of people are using mobile devices for online purchases.

So the question pops out is - Which is better solution for your eCommerce store? Mobile app or Website?

Well unfortunately, there is no one-line answer for this, it highly depends upon various parameters such as your business goals. budget, target audience and nature of the business.

Most of the popular eCommerce giants such as Amazon, eBay and Flipkart are focusing on both the strategies – Mobile app and website. But this is not possible for every business as they are bound by limited cost, timeline and manpower, forcing them to settle for a middle ground solution.

With that said, we’ll analyze both the options in the following listed parameters and will declare the winner in each.

Cost & Timeline

Usually cost and timeline of developing eCommerce mobile application compatible with both iOS and Android devices is significantly higher than creating an eCommerce website.

This is true to a great extent because there are multiple CMS options available that offer ready-made exclusive eCommerce themes & plugins such as Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and Magento. They can not only provide you cost-effective solutions but also develop your website within a week or even less.

Winner – eCommerce Website

Personalized User Experience

Well, the user experience may seem unimportant but it plays a vital role in customer retention. Failing to provide the right call to actions and unidentified bugs will have negative impact and as there are many transactions involved in the eCommerce process which may lead to critical problems.

Users may tolerate it for the very first time but poor UX will eventually result into users avoiding your website or deleting your eCommerce application.  And no one wants to lose their hard-earned loyal customers.

Now let’s cut to the chase, eCommerce websites may provide decent user-experience but when it comes to personalizing things, there is no better match than having an application. Because that’s where you get engaged with your users 24x7.

Exclusive ads, notifications, offers, coupons or scratch cards, prompt order tracking, enhanced security and much more on their fingertips at super fast speed, unlike websites where they have to open the browser, type URL, and Sign in.

Winner – eCommerce Mobile Application

Search Engine Optimization

Who doesn’t love organic traffic for free? This is the area which eCommerce mobile application misses out completely.

Optimizing your eCommerce website for Google and other search engines will drive tremendous traffic and various content marketing strategies will increase your reach and brand awareness.

Nowadays, companies do optimize their application description and name to get decent rankings in app store search results which is also known as application SEO or ASO (App store optimization). But still, it doesn't even come close to the way you do it with your website - optimizing content, Title, Header Tags etc. of each and every page.

Hence, hiring an expert SEO team will produce a lucrative ROI for your eCommerce business.

Winner – eCommerce Website

Offline Usability

Have you ever thought about your users when they aren’t connected to internet?

Websites may not help here but Mobile applications have an ability to store data on user’s device which can be accessed anytime.

Although all the data is not stored, but it may consist of some important information about recent products browsed, order Id’s and invoices which can often be very helpful.

Winner – eCommerce Mobile Application

Advertisement and Marketing

To increase your sales it’s really important to keep this factor in mind. However, you can do marketing of your products and services on many social media platforms and other digital channels that will redirect user to your eCommerce website and mobile app as well.

But you should keep in mind that people tend to avoid installing random mobile applications unless and until there is something really fascinating.

On the other hand, in case of website they can make a purchase within few clicks rather than waiting for the app to be downloaded.

Winner – eCommerce Website


From regular security checks to staying updated with latest technology trends and content refinement processes, there is much more maintenance work involved in keeping your eCommerce website or Mobile app up-to-date.

You can appoint an expert web developer or freelancer to maintain your eCommerce website from A to Z. But for Mobile application, you need to hire two different native developers - Android and iOS.

And latest cross-platform technologies like Flutter and React Native may allow you to shoot two birds with one stone, thereby saving ample amount of cost.

Result – Draw


eCommerce website is really important for having an online presence while mobile application offers amazing personalized user experience at blazing speed. We recommend having both so you don’t miss out on any crucial parameters.

But if you’ve got a limited budget and looking for an apt solution then you have to consider many vast factors and data-driven statistics. 

So if you’re still confused, you can reach us and book a free consultation. We’ll provide tailored eCommerce solution after understanding needs and requirements of your business.

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