Cinematic storytelling in virtual reality

Virtual Reality
Key Technology:
Adobe Photosuite, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, Video Editing
The project

TraVRse studio is at the forefront of cinematic storytelling in virtual reality. It delivers cutting edge 360-degree films by offering high-quality Virtual Reality content production and consultation. With an office brimming with ideas, the Traverse is well equipped to give you the best virtual reality content and all that in 360 degrees. Traverse consists of people with expertise in Cinematography, Editing, Sound-designing, Scripting, Production and VR developers.

Services they provide:
Virtual Reality is a rapidly growing promotional strategy. Some of the biggest brands in the world are employing it at events and trade shows, both because of the medium’s novelty, and the effective way that it can show off products by creating an immersive experience for the customer. Virtual Reality presentations create an impact that lasts even after the experience has ended. traVRse’s Virtual Reality team will create the story behind the experience, produce it, and provide the necessary equipment and knowledge to deliver it to your customers in a live setting.
360° Live Action Films
360° Animation Films
360° Virtual Tours
360° Photography
Setting up VR Experiential Zones
Personalized VR Mobile Application
VR Technical Consultation
A young and enthusiastic team of film-makers will make sure there is something new on offer just about every time you work with them. Through the symbiosis of artistic and technological innovation, the studio is reinventing storytelling through the creation of visceral and intimate experiences that provide an unprecedented sense of presence, awareness, and emotional engagement.

Technologies used

Adobe Photosuite / HTML / CSS / JS / jQuery / Video Editing







OunjitChef de projet chez JA***

They were certainly more than capable of working independently, and making intelligent decisions about how to handle obstacles and setbacks.

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