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We empower businesses to build a connected customer experience with mobile-ready business apps across a range of smart devices and platforms.

Built for the next generation of mobility

Our mobile app development services focus on building apps to meet the end-to-end needs of today’s smartphone driven business and operational landscape. From deeper functionality integration to intelligent automation, our mobility practice thrives to deliver apps that are profitable and future proof.



Native mobile application development

Enable your customers to conduct business with you from the convenience of their smartphones with our native mobile application development services. Build the best and most scalable mobility solutions tailor made for different smartphone form structures and sizes with our exclusive native solution development. Our experts in Android and iOS platforms possess deep knowledge of best practices and deployment standards to ensure you have the best apps in the business.



Hybrid mobile application development

Whether you’re a startup or an SMB looking to win customers by delivering your services to them via mobile apps, our hybrid mobile application development services will be your ideal companion. By bringing on-board faster development, better cross platform compatibility and intelligent scalability, your business can transition into a mobile friendly version in no time.



Smart device application development

Empower your customers to experience your business beyond just mobiles. Our multi-platform app specialists can build scalable apps that help you serve customers from a wide range of smart devices like watches, IoT enabled smart gadgets at home and much more. We ensure that these are integrated with your mobility stack for a consistent experience across devices irrespective of the industry you operate.


Mobile Application Development Services

We offer a complete cycle of architecture, deployment and maintenance services for mobile application development. If it is a consumer-oriented product or a transformative enterprise-class approach, from design and idea to distribution and continued service, our organisation leads the entire mobile app creation process.

Our Mobile App Development Services

Native Mobile App Development

Our developers of mobile applications solutions will create high-quality android applications consistent with your business and security specifications for both Android and iOS systems.

Android App Development 

By using Java and Kotlin scripting language and Google's own software tools and instructions, we build Android applications for different platforms.

iOS App Development

From scratch, we build iOS smartphone apps and can port the current Android device to iOS. To create our top-rated iOS applications, we utilize Swift as well as Objective-C.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Cross-platform applications that, due to a special combination of native and web interface technology, will function in diverse settings.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Cross-platform applications that, due to a special combination of native and web interface technology, will function in diverse settings.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Cross-platform applications that, due to a special combination of native and web interface technology, will function in diverse settings.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Cross-platform applications that, due to a special combination of native and web interface technology, will function in diverse settings.

Progressive Web App Development

We have native-like features and installability of Innovative Mobile Apps thus targeting anybody, anytime, on any platform with a single codebase.

Our Value-Driven Mobile App Development Approach

Step 1: Business analysis

Our BA experts assess the high-level specifications and functional or non - functional criteria of the software development project through market review.

Step 2: UX design

We develop iterations, ensuring that the appearance and feel of the product are unique to the platform and has a meaningful user interface.

Step 3: UI design

The interface design we develop is easy, transparent and understandable. We concentrate on finding a balance between simplicity and application architecture.

Step 4: Backend

Utilizing Ruby on Rails, our back-end developers create an app on the application server. This database functionality helps the API of the frontend software to communicate with the server.

Step 5: Mobile app development

While developing mobile applications with us, the method of software creation is broken into iterations. Along with our customers, we prepare each implementation and produce outcomes (implemented functionalities) in the form of demonstrations.

Step 6: Testing

At Citrusbug, checking is an essential part of every enterprise. To ensure the sustainability of your plan and to save resources by finding bugs before the project goes live, we conduct end-to-end analysis.

Why Citrusbug



Cross-Platform Coverage

In addition to supporting enterprises with our mobile app development services, we operate throughout all common mobile channels and web-enabled devices to ensure the optimum reach across all potential audiences.


Scalability & Accessibility

From the beginning, the device architectures introduce scalability and accessibility requirements, allowing scope for ongoing technical developments to enhance the functionality of the product at some stage in the future.


Security & Compliance

Each project requires its own collection of requirements of protection and implementation, and a few are extremely demanding. At CitrusBug, we discuss improved or industry-specific compliance criteria since day one of the project and process improvement principles.


Accelerated Delivery

We implement DevOps and continuous value management techniques for fast design development and streamlined product introduction, while maintaining first-class consistency and efficiency of the solution, to rapidly address changes in customer demands.

Selected Projects

Partner us for Your Digital Success

Get ahead of your competition with better digital solution to improve your customer experience, enable efficient business operations and improved profits by partnering Citrusbug. Our expert team of consultants, developers, designers and marketers can help you solve complex technology challenges with lowered costs and faster time to market.

Make Technology Simple

Grow your business in the digital era with our specialized technology services across a range of trusted technologies and platforms

Helping brands solve real problems with technology

We make technology simple for businesses across industries and geographies and accelerate their digital journey cost-effectively.

Web Application Development

We enable businesses to deliver transformational services for their customers and employees via the internet by building seamless internet powered applications

Custom Software Development

Enhance your digital competitiveness with unique software solutions tailored to suit your unique business models

Mobile App Development

Build more connected experiences for your customers on their favorite devices with our mobile app development services

Dedicated Digital Teams

Enable faster digital success with a dedicated world-class technology team available exclusively for you