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    Citrusbug offers top-rated custom software development services for the world’s top enterprises, SMEs, and startups to build cutting-edge solutions.

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    About Us

    More than just creating beautiful designs and unique platforms, we aspire to innovate technological solutions that transform industries.

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about us

About Us

More than just creating beautiful designs and unique platforms, we aspire to innovate technological solutions that transform industries. We believe in creating value for our customers, our employees, and society as a whole, leveraging our engineering skills. The best way to know about us is by having a conversation with us over a cup of coffee.

Our Mission, Vision, And Core Values

Our vision is to leverage technology for sustainable growth and human benefits by being more innovative each time. To fulfil that vision, our mission is to empower modern businesses by building simplistic, sophisticated, and scalable solutions while building a powerhouse engineering team in-house. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest core values of integrity, leadership, and innovation that guides us to success.











When we began!

As a group of engineers that worked with Tier-A companies and many projects, we realised that there is room for improvement in conventional business operations. From listening to their needs better to going out of the box to create a valuable solution, we knew we could make a difference through our skills. So we came up with a nice name after long discussions, and “Citrusbug Technolabs” came into existence.

The way to go!

It was a humble beginning as an idea, but our customers surprised us with their incoming demands. There was a clear need in the market for someone like us, and we started to realize it. The founders worked day and night so that Citrusbug could become a reality. Overcoming all the odds that any startup faces, we went through a transformation and learning curve. We met new hiccups; we solved them, we grew stronger and got in the game.

All hands on deck!

After working with several projects and delivering them successfully, it was clear that building a software solution is like building a house. You need to take care of it constantly and consistently for survival. Our existing customers didn’t let go of us after the projects; they needed us. At the same time, we were getting new customers. It was about time that we grew as a company to look for like-minded, skilled, and talented individuals.

Making our mark!

By 2016, we were there on the map. Gaining incoming customers, B2B partners, working across several countries. It was a year full of triumphs where we got our 50+ customers and had a team of 20+ engineers. Our engineers surprised us how such a small team was getting so much done. We were doing something right. It was probably our passion to learn and implement the latest technologies for our customers. We delivered what we committed.

There’s no stopping us!

Things did get out of our hands in a good way. The rate of our growth, our customers’ growth, and our team’s growth were disrupted in our 5th year. What we observed was the mindblowing growth as a benchmark. We had found the script to success, to dive into the work and do it. Not for the customers, but with the customers at every step of the way. Such go-getter nature was now part of our mindset. We were content, but we thrived for more.

Technologies transform!

Technologies transform; it’s something they do. We will be left behind if we do not transform ourselves with it. 2018 was the year where we realized technology disruption was taking place from web platforms to SaaS, from digital identity to cross-platform frameworks. So we did what we had to do. We redefined ourselves for a diverse tech stack, focused more on booming technologies like Python. We observed & learned.

Power Partners!

As the global customer base grew across the USA, the UK, and middle east countries, we had built a lot of development partnerships with companies in similar domains. We had enough local representatives as needed by our customers. Our team has also finished more than 100+ projects by then and were scaling really quick through our engineering strength. We gained more confidence as we worked with bigger partners over time.

Thrived. Didn’t just survive!

2020 was a great test for organizations to show how they care for their partners, customers, and employees. We didn’t just make it through these testing waters; we thrived through it. We didn’t lose any existing customers, partners or employees due to pandemic or economic trials. We, in fact, grew even more in our capabilities, strengths, and project deliveries. We also leveraged the power of technology as now our team can work from anywhere in the world, thanks to the internet.

Here we are!

This year, we are building strategic relationships across the globe with various companies that can benefit from our trained & skilled engineers. We have a strong presence in countries like the USA, the UK, The UAE, and many such technological hubs, working with top-notch brands that demand quality. Having 300+ successful projects and 50+ engineers in-house, we are not entering new verticals with AI and IoT while assuring the same quality.

Make it happen!

Next year, we plan to have 80+ engineers and a few more global presences to support our customers with a closer touch. We are gaining expertise on new technologies, and we have a view to becoming a single point of contact for our customers on any of their software engineering needs. There is significant competition in the market, and being good is not enough; we aspire to offer impeccable engineering, especially on projects that are genuinely purposeful.

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Meet Our Leadership Team

Our leaders have a different set of expertise as per their roles, and yet they are all very similar with their interest in technological advancements and true value creation for team members, clients, and society.

Karmraj Vaghela

Karmraj Vaghela

ishan vyas

Ishan Vyas

jinesh chhadia

Jinesh Chhadia

team group photo

A competent organization made of skilled engineers

Frequently Asked Questions

We love Agile! Through Agile, we allow our customers to have active involvement in their projects; they can have the freedom to incorporate their new ideas and suggestions while ensuring the same dedicated team will work on their projects.

Our development headquarters is in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, the western part of India. We have an office in the USA as well. Furthermore, we have strategic partners throughout the globe to support our customers as they need. We have worked with customers across continents.

Our team has 50+ engineers in-house, and we are scaling really quick. We have best in class technical architects and advisors to help ensure that there are no loops in any of our technical solutions. On top of that, we take pride in our Quality Assurance & Maintenance teams that can help protect our customer’s brands.

We always like having like-minded, passionate, and skilled engineers in our team. At the rate at which we are scaling up, we will surely need more talent that can grow with us. Please get in touch with us if you love what you do!

We can share references for any particular service that you are interested in. We have 300+ ratings (4.5/5+) on various platforms available publicly online just by searching our company name. Our customers are truly kind and transparent to share their reviews about us.

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