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Good Reads For All | Explore the Latest Trends around the Globe.

04 July, 2020 Read time 15 MIN 4559 Views
Artificial Intelligence (AI) will have a vital impact on websites and application development processes. As more than 80% of IT businesses are considering the great investment in AI, it is definitely going to shape the future of Software Development.
04 July, 2020 Read time 10 MIN 7882 Views
Every business nowadays has different and unique needs of software for smooth and effective operation for their business. As SMB's tend to look for personalized solutions which clearly indicate the growing demand of Bespoke software development due to its number of benefits and advantages.
04 July, 2020 Read time 20 Min 2813 Views
5 Smart ways in which your small and medium business can tackle this Coronavirus crisis and get back on track by maintaining sustainability amidst the worldwide scare caused by Covid-19.
03 July, 2020 Read time 20 Min 3662 Views
Covid-19 pandemic forced all IT companies to adopt work from home culture. As most of IT- sector businesses are familiar with this practice but a number of problems arise when entire work is to be done remotely.
04 July, 2020 Read time 10 min 3215 Views
In this growing demand of web presence, it is very important for businesses to choose the right web development agency for partnership as it will allow them to focus on their core business. Here are 6 important tips which will guide you to choose and collaborate with right web development partner.
04 July, 2020 Read time 7 min 1004 Views
Having 75% of global digital talent presence along with immense cost savings, India has become top spot for outsourcing and setting up an Offshore software development center there will bring number of advantages to your business.
04 July, 2020 Read time 8 min 811 Views
Both frameworks PHP and Python dominate the backend of web development since decade and even now in 2020 it’s difficult to choose which will perform better for your website or application development.
04 July, 2020 Read time 8 min 706 Views
As the battle of Native vs Hybrid vs Cross Platform Mobile App development in 2020 is very tight and it is very important for every business to cope up with these fast evolving technologies.
04 July, 2020 Read time 9 min 821 Views
Mobile app developers are experiencing a significant revolution due to the huge benefits introduced by Firebase.
04 July, 2020 Read time 9 min 754 Views
Both JavaScript frameworks React & Angular have proved their dominance and even in 2020 it’s a tough choice for any business to choose one for Frontend development of their website.
04 July, 2020 Read time 9 min 475 Views
Comparing two of the most popular Project management methodologies - Agile and Waterfall which are used almost in every Software development Project.

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