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A Platform To Transform B2B Retail


About MaxAB

MaxAB stands out as Egypt's swiftest-growing B2B retail hub, empowering local merchants and small enterprises to elevate earnings and enhance their livelihoods. In addition to its e-commerce solutions, MaxAB offers real-time insights to suppliers and research entities. The platform consists of all necessary features that help manage product from sourcing to delivering.

Service Provided
Project Details
  • industry
    Industry E-Commerce
  • engineers
    Engineers 2
  • duration
    Duration 2+ years
  • revenue
    Revenue $5M
  • australia
    Country Egypt
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The Development Sprints


  • Requirement gathering and analysis
  • Stakeholder meetings
  • High-level architecture design
  • Initial API design and database schema planning


  • Setup project structure and version control
  • Start frontend development for login, sign up, and registration management
  • Begin API development for basic functionalities


  • Continue frontend development for user management
  • Complete API development for login, sign up, and registration
  • Start product sourcing management development


  • Finish frontend development for product sourcing management
  • Develop transparent pricing management module
  • Integrate initial logistic APIs for order tracking


  • Complete bulk ordering feature development
  • Implement assurance of product quality through direct sourcing
  • Develop initial dashboard and data analytics components


  • Continue dashboard and data analytics development
  • Start inventory management module development
  • Integrate payment gateway for payment integration


  • Complete inventory management module development
  • Enhance logistics support functionalities
  • Implement real-time order tracking for shipment visibility


  • Finish frontend development for real-time order tracking
  • Develop additional features for logistics support
  • Begin CI/CD pipeline creation for automated deployment


  • Finalize CI/CD pipeline setup
  • Conduct integration testing for core functionalities
  • Start user acceptance testing (UAT) phase


  • Address feedback from UAT phase
  • Perform optimization and bug fixing
  • Document features and functionalities for knowledge transfer


  • Final testing and quality assurance
  • Deployment of the software to production environment
  • Post-deployment support and maintenance


  • Continuous improvement and feature enhancements based on user feedback
  • Regular maintenance and bug fixing
  • Preparation for future updates and scalability

Technologies Used

  • image Node
  • image Express
  • image REST API
  • image Kubernetes
  • image AWS RDS
  • image AWS S3
  • image CI/CD
  • image CloudFlare

Final Outcome

MaxAB emerges as a revolutionary B2B retail hub, empowering local merchants and small enterprises in Egypt. The platform offers a comprehensive suite of features including product sourcing, transparent pricing, logistics assistance, real-time order tracking, inventory management, and seamless payment integration. MaxAB enables suppliers and research entities to access real-time insights and analytics, facilitating data-driven decision-making. The platform's robust architecture, powered by technologies like Express, Kubernetes, and AWS services, ensures scalability, reliability, and security.


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