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Django vs Flask in 2024: Battle of Backend Web Development

Django vs Flask in 2024: Battle of Backend Web Development

You can not just go with the hit and trial method when it comes to choosing the right backend web development framework for your software project. Apparently, there are way too many factors such as the size of the project, performance data, productivity, project constraints, etc. that decides the adequacy of the framework you must select for the project.  

There are a plethora of web frameworks to pick when we consider Python as a server-side programming language. However, Django and Flask are certainly two of the most popular Python web frameworks among the developers. 

Django is an open-source and free web development framework that works on a Model–Template–View pattern. The primary focus of the framework is on less code, reusable components, and faster development. Whereas Flask, being a microframework, gives more attention to the flexibility and lightness of the project. It uses a variety of extensible customisable structures to make the project simplistic and feature-rich. 

What Makes Django Different from Flask?

Django is a Python-based full-stack web framework that includes a high range of integrated and ready-to-use solutions. On the contrary, Flask is a lightweight and extensible Python web framework that includes all basic features in its framework and provides an abundance of optional features as extensions. 

What sets Django apart from Flask is the use of data models in its framework. Django has its own object-relational mapping that allows the developers to link database libraries and tables with classes. It makes it easier for the developers to work with the models used in the project. 

Working of Django Framework


Source: Developer.mozilla.org

Flask, on the other hand, follows a modular approach and does not provide an inclusive ORM (Object Relational Mapping). A developer can use models through outsourced extensions and libraries. 

Working of Flask Framework

Source: Stackoverflow.com

Where Django and Flask is suitable & popular brands using it

Django is usually a better-suited option for larger enterprise projects. Django is a great fit for projects that need a small start but requires scaling up at later stages. The framework of Django is extremely supportive and provides good flexibility when the app needs exponential growth over time. 

Some of the major projects built with Django are Instagram, Spotify, Dropbox, Pinterest etc. 

Popular websites and apps developed using Django framework


Talking about Flask, its use is more advisable when you have to make more technological decisions along with the progress of the project. As the libraries are all extended, it becomes easier to link up with external data with convenience as opposed to that of Django. 

Flask can be of huge benefit for the following instances:

  • Experimentation with the libraries, architecture, and latest technologies.
  • Addition of various disparate and small features.
  • Embedding of multiple highly specialized microservices.

These are a few popular websites that are created using the Flask framework: Airbnb, Rackspace, Netflix, Reddit, etc.


Best websites and apps developed using Flask framework

Feature-Based Comparison of Django Vs Flask

Django is an excellent web application framework that comprises many standard functionalities to build safe and maintainable websites. Being open-source, it has a wide community that keeps its framework updated to the current needs of the market. Flask, on the opposite end, also has most of the standard functionalities. Furthermore, it has the capability of adding external plugins and libraries as per the client’s requirements. 

Following are some of the distinctions of Django vs Flask based on their various features:






  • Django includes Object Relational Mapping and is supportive of several relational databases such as SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle.

  • It helps in the efficient management of database migrations.

  • Creation of forms, views, and templates becomes simple using Django framework.

  • Flask framework does not provide you with any relation to the storage of data.

  • However, the available extensions and libraries help in figuring that out for the developer.

  • It supports the use of libraries such as SQLAlchemy, Alembic, PyMongo, etc. 

Django should be a preferred framework choice if you are using a relational database. 


In case you are using a non-relational database, then Flask can be a better alternative for your project. 

Routing and Views

  • Mapping of URL  to views and support function is allowed through a request.

  • The request is then matched with the URL pattern to invoke the view.  

  • Flask also allows you to map URLs to class-based views. 

  • For the process of URL routing and request handling, Flask uses Werkzeug, which works globally. 

The overall process of mapping is much easier in Flask compared to that of Django. 


Where Django makes you explicitly pass around the request object every time, the request object in Flask is already available on the web. 


  • Django has an inbuilt authentication and authorization functionality in its framework. 

  • Moreover, it also provides functions for account management and session support.

  • Flask makes use of cookie-based sessions for the authentication and authorization process.

  • However, you need to rely on external libraries and plugins to get this feature. 

Both frameworks provide secure and robust authentication for web apps, and there is no one better than the other. 

Reusable Components

  • Django uses the concept of an app for reusing the required components such as routes, forms, templates, views, etc.

  • Django apps are hard to establish but provide easy and consistent working once the setup is done. 

  • Flask provides you blueprints that help in re-using the project components. 

  • Flask blueprints are easier to set up and start running. However, you might face issues with consistency if there is some error within its setup.

Django seems to be a better option if you are working on a large scale project. 


For single-page applications, Flask will provide faster results. 


  • Django has in-built support for testing.


  • Python's unittest framework is used for unit testing. 

  • Flask too supports in-built testing. 

  • It also uses the same unit testing framework for its testing process. 

In terms of testing, both frameworks use the same mechanism, which is highly efficient and productive. 

Which One Has the Better Performance: Django or Flask?

Honestly, it is very hard to pick one over another as both frameworks perform extremely well in their areas. Additionally, both have the capability to use specialized libraries or tools for boosting their performance. 

However, on breaking the comparison on the basis of higher overall framework performance Vs faster delivery of comprehensive features, Flask seems to perform a little better because of its light size and fewer layers. This does not make Django any lesser as there is no competition with Django when it comes to delivering a complete project with more complex features.

Final Thoughts

Confused about which framework to choose for your web application project in battle of Django vs Flask? Well, as we have learned, both the frameworks work exceptionally well in developing web applications. So picking a framework majorly depends upon the kind of web app you are interested in developing.

If it is a medium-sized app like forums, personal blogs, or small scale enterprise app, go for Flask. If you require a large scale app such as CMS or eCom website, Django can be your partner in crime. And Citrusbug’s expert Python developers have honed their skills in both the frameworks. Reach out to us for your tech-stack consultation and to hire a Django or Flask developer.

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