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Outsourcing in India – Advantages of Offshore Development Center

Outsourcing in India – Advantages of Offshore Development Center

 Why is that many businesses today think about having an offshore software development center in India? What are the advantages of this initiative of setting up ODC units in countries like India in terms of quality and talent? These are some of the questions that are widely asked in today’s business environment which is heavily reliant on the latest digital applications for market dominance. Let’s have a small look into the background behind these questions coming into existence.

When software becomes an existential need

While it is undoubtedly proven that digital transformation is needed by every business to survive tough market conditions, there is always a challenge faced by them, especially small and medium businesses to spend on digital initiatives. They need the best software to keep their business competitive, but they also need to finance their core business growth. This is where most SMB’s hesitantly keep aside their digital aspirations and continue to channel funds more towards growing their core business. This approach, however, can turn out to be a big failure in future as lack of cutting-edge software can prevent you from offering the best experiences for consumers who in turn will move to your competition in seek of better experiences.

Advantages of outsourcing in India

Outsourcing comes into the picture

So how can small and medium businesses build better customer experiences through software development without risking financial security for their core business? The answer lies in having an offshore development center in India, which has in the past decade become one of the biggest destinations for outsourced software development. In the past, India has been labelled an outsourcing destination primarily because of the low-cost operations model available in the country, today the scenario has changed considerably. Here are 5 compelling advantages of having an offshore development center in India today for your business:

1) Access to a large talent pool

Today, India boasts of one of the finest workforces that have been skilled in multiple technology domains to help build powerful enterprise software for almost every business challenge. A large number of premier educational institutes, deep focus on advanced training and learning practices followed in Indian technology companies and the proliferation of high-speed internet access for facilitating self-learning has created a large talent pool of ready to deploy software architects, developers and designers. Additionally, India boasts of a large number of skilled project management and business analysis specialists who can identify and manage large talent bases to accurately solve business problems through technology. A combination of all these quality skills makes the Indian workforce, the most suitable and advantageous for your outsourced software development needs.

2) Cost Efficiency

As far as small and medium businesses are concerned, maintaining an optimal IT budget is important. They need to ensure continuous digital excellence while at the same time assure core business financing goals. This is where the cost advantages of outsourcing to destinations like India can make a huge difference. Today, there are service providers in India that deliver best in class software development experiences exclusively for SMB’s. There are guaranteed cost benefits of such association in addition to the large plethora of technology skills that an SMB can leverage from such technology partners. Transparent invoicing, faster time to market and better-quality code ensures that SMB’s have a digital infrastructure set up cost-effectively and is easier and affordable to maintain in the long run. The advantage of currency rates and foreign exchange policies ensure that both the SMB and the outsourcing partner have a win-win situation without causing any disruption in business services.

3) Strategic Partnership

Today several IT service companies have transitioned the outlook of Indian software service providers from the label of staffing firms to a truly strategic technology advisory and partner for businesses worldwide. By partnering with an offshore software development company in India, your business gets to experience the best in emerging technologies with risk-free implementation models. Get a firsthand look at how technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Internet of Things and Big Data Analytics can reshape your business operations and decision making. If you were to build these capabilities in-house, it will take years for a mature practice to evolve and cost you a fortune as well. With outsourcing in India, you get to leverage these advantages from day one as an offshore development company will be your strategic partner to propel business growth through technology. From identifying the right technology platforms to implementation and quality assurance, such a strategic partner will ensure support in all facets of your digital journey.

4) Reliable Infrastructure

India has galloped past several global nations in the rapid adoption of high-quality telecom and internet infrastructure. As a result, it is home to top tier data centers, high-speed internet service providers and has easy availability of enterprise-grade hardware for networking and computing needs. This is a major advantage you tend to enjoy when your software development needs are outsourced to an offshore software development partner in India. The core enterprise applications powering your business are assured of 24 X 7 availability and required scalability to help serve your customers at any point of time. Additionally, the proliferation of high-speed internet to even remote areas ensures that you have access to service firms guaranteeing quality work even if their employees are working from home to tide over situations like the COVID-19 pandemic.

5) Continuous Innovation

Technology is one of the forerunners of change in the world and evolves at a rate faster than anyone can predict. The shift from massive mainframe centric workstations to flexible apps that can run on smartphones and watches in your hand is an example of how technology can reshape the world of today. Given this trend, it is important for small business owners to ensure that their digital infrastructure is evolved according to market trends and emerging technology concepts. Investing on an R&D practice exclusively for technology is not practical and cost-effective for an SMB, but the need to evolve is essential. This is where having a strategic offshore software development partner in India can be your biggest success story. Companies in India continuously invest in upskilling their workforce to handle emerging technologies like AI, Machine Learning, IoT, etc. to ensure that they can offer these services to customers on demand. By partnering with them for offshore software development, your business automatically stands to gain from best practices in implementing these. It relieves you from financial and resource efforts needed to identify and implement trending technology concepts as these partners would have a ready to deploy a version of the tech tailored exclusively for your business.

Outsourcing graph of different countries with percentage


If you look at any popular search engine analysis reports, there is a rising search you can see for “Offshore software development India” keywords. This is because more and more businesses have begun to realize the advantages of quality and talent that software development companies in India like Citrusbug can bring to the table without huge costs. You get access to the most sophisticated digital applications to run your business and fulfil customer needs, while these firms act as your strategic technology advisor and partner to fuel your digital ambitions. If you are looking at ways to explore the potential of a dedicated offshore software development center in India, get in touch with us to see how Citrusbug can be the answer you were always searching for.

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