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Top Advantages of React JS to create thriving Web Applications (2021)

Top Advantages of React JS to create thriving Web Applications (2021)

One of the eminent open-source JavaScript frameworks invented by Facebook has become a hot choice for every frontend engineer because of its imperative functionalities and performance.

Besides Facebook, it is used by many popular brands such as Netflix, IMDB, Tesla, Airbnb etc. With an extensive robust ecosystem, React has proved to be dominant among all the alternatives including both the elite JS partners - Angular and Vue.

Popular websites developed in React JS

Now you must be wondering what is the secret sauce behind this unbeatable superiority of React JS framework. 

That’s why we’re going to give you a glimpse of the best features and functions that give a clear edge to React over other frameworks.

Let's get started:-

Minimal Learning Curve

This might sound a very basic advantage but it really makes  a huge impact on newcomers who want to get handy with React. It is indeed very easy to learn with the availability of online lessons, tutorials and documentation backed by a huge community.

And there will be no big hurdles for developers having a strong JavaScript background. 

Therefore, whether you are an individual developer seeking to learn or an owner of a software development business who wants their developers to get started with React, simplicity of this framework will be helpful in both the aspects.

Mobile App Development

This is an intangible benefit of React as it is not only limited to web development. After Facebook introduced React Native - a cross-platform mobile app development framework, it integrated both the processes of mobile and web development, making life easier for many developers.

And not only that, using React Native proved to be very much cost-efficient for many companies as they no longer needed to create separate native apps for iOS and Android.

Offers Amazing User Interfaces

We’re living in an era where people love pleasing design experiences and React understands it very well. User interface is a factor you can definitely not ignore if you’re planning for long-term success and want your users to have a rich experience while using your application or website.

Without a shadow of doubt, React offers great derivatives to build splendid user interfaces to make your application more thriving than ever. 


Who doesn’t want their website to rank on the 1st page of Google? Companies are not only paying extra bucks but are also investing a tremendous amount of money to have an SEO-friendly website that gives them decent Google rankings. And it provides a very lucrative ROI. 

Keeping that in mind, websites developed in React are very much in compliance with Google's ranking factors such as decreased page-load time thanks to its fast rendering speed.

Reusability of Components

Components play a significant part in development and their reusability helps to maintain and modify applications. Every component has its own controls and is available to be used again whenever necessary.

This is another prestigious advantage every developer stands to enjoy if they opt for React, omitting themselves from some tedious processes.


Based on downward data flow, the parent structure of React code is not hampered if any changes are made in child structure.

Hence, this paradigm provides greater stability in code structure, resulting in smoother performance.

Community Support

Just like Angular, React doesn’t have any shortage of community support with more than 157,000 stars on Github and over 250,000 questions on Stackoverflow.

And this is not all, React also has a decent presence on other general platforms as well (not software specific). For example, you will find many experts posting tutorials on Youtube and answering the queries on Quora. 

Wrapping Up

So, these were the essential reasons React JS stands as one of the most indispensable development tools today. But if all this sounds too complicated and you intend to get a solid app developed for your idea, we suggest getting in touch with us. Our developers are handpicked from prominent React JS communities and will give your product the edge it requires in the market. 

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