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7 Examples of Top Angular Websites Built by Most Popular Brands


7 Examples of Top Angular Websites Built by Most Popular Brands

Angular is one of the most popular in trend framework that is used to develop frontend side of Websites and Applications. There are many examples of best Angular websites & apps of big brands who are convinced by the features and performance of this elite JavaScript framework.

It was launched in 2010 by a team at Google that added one more prime framework to the rich JavaScript Library. Angular is still maintained by Google and community of individual developers and corporations.

It is basically an open-source framework that is based on TypeScript and gained more popularity when developers began to use Angular in MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express.JS, Angular and Node.JS) to build exceptional Angular websites and applications.

After coming into limelight and garnering the attention of many tech giants, Google released some splendid versions including the latest Release of Angular 10 in August 2020.

Why Angular?

There are a number of advantages which makes this framework suitable for all businesses from ground level start-ups to large multinational organizations.

Angular JS framework advantages and exceptional functionalities

Some of the compelling Angular JS benefits:-

  • Supports Parallel Development
  • Two-way Data Binding
  • Dependency Injection
  • Suitable for single-page heavy applications
  • Simplified MVC pattern
  • Flexible Development
  • Seamless real-time app testing

Due to these prodigious benefits, many big brands opted to develop their front-end side of websites in Angular JS. 

Most popular Angular JS websites Examples

Now let's look at some of the best Angular websites one by one and analyze why they choose Angular over other frameworks.

1) Upwork

It is a fusion of two marketplaces formerly known as Elance and Odesk which act as a platform for freelancers and businesses to connect in order to complete a project or job.

Currently, Upwork is regarded as the most popular and top destination for freelancing and businesses to get their project done. 

From providing payment gateways for receiving or sending funds to features like in-built audio calling, Upwork web application offers some fascinating functionalities which makes all its users stick to this platform.

With more than 20 million users active on the platform, Upwork stands as a strong example of a thriving Angular website and the main reason to choose Angular was to provide a rich user-experience followed by high-web page performances.

2) The Guardian

This is the United Kingdom based daily newspaper which was founded in 1821. The Guardian is very popular among Britishers and due to their massive online presence, it has become a reliable and reputed source of information across the entire world.

The Guardian news website is one of the best in industry that is developed in Angular JS. As they have to generate a tremendous amount of information on daily basis, there is substantial need to provide magnificent readability that is diligently offered by Angular and makes it a prime choice to go for.

3) Forbes

Forbes is another great example of Angular website. It was originally an American business magazine but gained huge popularity through their featured articles on the internet. These incredible article pieces are also ranked on top by Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) and behold as a reliable source for gaining knowledge about diverse industries.

Again the developers at Forbes thought that Angular is the best choice among all the alternatives to provide a high-performance website that is also compatible with mobile phones as well as tablets. 

4) Freelancer

This is another famous freelancing platform that is based in Australia and created by crowdsourcing. It serves as a common marketplace for employers and employees to post projects and complete it respectively.  Founded in 2009 it has users that are based across 247 territories across the world.  

To cater the needs of such a large number of users with splendid UI and seamless responsiveness, the developing team at opted for Angular as their leading frontend framework.

5) PayPal

The most popular online money transfer company which is recognized and used by many businesses as well as individuals serves as a prominent example of Angular website.

This website includes many advanced security features as it is mainly used for money transactions. There is also a famous tool of Angular known as checkout.js that allows users to perform the entire transaction without actually leaving the website. 

6) IBM

International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) is a multinational and leading producer in computer hardware and software. It is headquartered in New York, USA and has operations across 170 countries with over 350,000+ employees. 

There is no need to explain how strong and efficient Angular is when these kinds of technology giants use it for front-end development of their website.


As the name suggests it is a weather forecasting firm that was acquired by IBM in 2015. This is indeed the best example of Angular websites and how this framework can be used as an excellent real-time web application with multiple geo-locations. 

Mapping integration aligned with high-quality aerial videos are some of the extraordinary features provided by with the help of Angular framework.


So these are the 7 best Angular websites of the most popular brands who were able to make best out of this framework and showed the intangible capabilities of Angular JS.

In 2020, Angular serves as a dominant frontend framework from which you can build eye-catching and highly-functional websites. It clearly detracts other alternatives with its dazzling functionalities.

From above examples of some famous Angular websites, it can evidently cater to the needs of vast business domains like eCommerce platform, peer to peer marketplace, Payment websites, Technology web applications, News channel websites etc.

With regular updates and new version releases, the developers at Google have elevated the sharpness and also added some fascinating features to make it even better. 

If you have an appetite to develop a feature-rich website in Angular JS framework, we at Citrusbug have elite Angular JS developers who can assist and accompany you in the journey of becoming the leaders in your industry by achieving every technology milestone you deesire.

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