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Upwork vs toptal vs citrusbug - choose the best option

what is best upwork, toptal or citrusbug

Quick Summary

In this blog, you will learn about your choices when choosing an expert for your software development niche. Each option has pros and cons, and you will identify the better option suitable for your business needs.

Executing the idea of developing a software or web application takes effort. One needs a team of skilled software developers. But how and where does one pick the efficient software developers who can trust and rely on the projects?

There are a few various ways that can be helpful to select the accurate software team.

  • Hire full-time in-house developers to execute the work for you.
  • Choose a reliable developer from freelancing portals like Upwork and Toptal.
  • One of the best ways to hire experts is from software outsourcing companies like Citrusbug Technolabs.

Each option has its pros and cons, yet the most favourable in the market choosing the outsourcing company is the promising option.

Upwork: What is Upwork? Pros and Cons

The freelancer market is quite competitive in the software industry. And freelance portals like Upwork, Toptal, Fiver, etc., have set a benchmark for companies and freelancers.

Such portals provide platforms to talent with different backgrounds in the software industry.

What is Upwork?

Upwork, formerly called Elance-O-desk, was formed in 2013. It was created by Elance in 1998 and merged with oDesk in 2003. Again it was rebranded in 2015 with the new name Upwork.

The idea of building Upwork is to serve the clients and employees. It helps them grow their market share.

In today’s time, Upwork is the biggest freelancing platform. At Upwork, billions of talents and millions of companies have registrations. The companies provide work for the talents while fulfilling their required needs.

How it works, and what talent pool can you get at Upwork?

If you are looking to add talent to your team from Upwork, you must know the process and the types of skills you can explore. Well, unlike other platforms, signing up at Upwork is free.

There are steps to follow to end up with your selection.

  • The initial step is to sign up at Upwork.
  • Create your profile by adding profound portfolios.
  • As a client, once you are ready with the profile, add the job description with the required skills.
  • You will receive several bidding on your job post. Now, you will filter out the suitable freelancer matching your budget and requirements.
  • Set up interview calls with the candidates you chose. Select the final one and discuss the working hours and hourly rates. Last but not least, sign the document before starting work. Upwork is serving all these options.

Billing Process: Escrow

The talent pool at Upwork: Upwork covers many pools of talent with various roles.

  • Web Developers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Copywriters, Editors, and Translator
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Data Scientist
  • Mobile Developers
  • Project Managers, Business Consultants, etc.

Upwork Pros:


  • Large Marketplace: Upwork covers a vast talent pool accessible globally in the freelancing industry.
  • Price Range: The client can choose the talent as per the budget margin.
  • Freedom to Bid: The key to setting the hourly rates while the bidding is on freelancers.
  • Detailed Dashboard: Upwork’s dashboard provides all the details in one place, searching, hiring, and managing freelancers.
  • Secure Payment: Upwork’s payment mechanism ensures that the client will pay only for the completion of work.
  • Tracking: The tracking system in Upwork lets the client know about the project's progress.

Upwork’s Cons:

  • Lack of evaluation process: As the bundle of a crowd is present, it is not easier to rely on Upwork. Clients need to check their skills before confirming the deal with freelancers.
  • Huge Fees for Freelancers: To keep bidding on the portal, freelancers must pay massive fees. It can take much work for freelancers to be verified and veterinary.
  • Paywall blocks the valuable features: Features, for example, a no-risk time for testing and ticket and email support is accessible just for Upwork Besides, Business, and Enterprise plans.

Toptal: What is Toptal? Pros and Cons

What is Toptal?

Toptal was established in 2010 by Taso Du Val. Toptal is the remote freelancer portal applicable globally. The interesting fact is this company does not have any headquarter.

Toptal works as a proper bridge between software companies. They provide software developers, designers, project managers, product managers, finance masters, etc.

Toptal has a different way of providing the service. They select skill-proven candidates before outcasting them for clients. They claim to deliver the world's top 3% of freelance talent.

How it works, and what talent pool can you get at Toptal?

Toptal is unlike other platforms; you can’t signup and join Toptal. They have an application process for freelancers and also for the one who is looking to post the jobs.

The process is smooth and impactful, claiming great results.

  • The first step signup and submit the job request.
  • Toptal will schedule a call with the client to understand the requirements better.
  • Now, they will share profiles that accurately match the client’s needs.
  • The client will arrange interviews with the candidates.
  • Once the client selects the candidate, they can start working on the project.
  • A refundable fee of $500 is deposited at the start of the project. If the client is unsatisfied with work in 2 weeks, they can get a refund.

Billing Process: Escrow

The talent pool at Toptal: Toptal covers many talent skills with various roles.

  • Development
  • Design
  • Project Management
  • Product Management
  • Finance Experts

Pros and Cons:

Toptal’s Pros:
  • Robust screening process:Toptal claim 3% of potential talents globally, so each candidate go through 4-5 round of screening process to get verification by Toptal.
  • Quick Customer Support:Toptal has excellent background support for customer queries.
  • Swift Talent Matching:They share profiles of candidates with the clients within 24 hours.
  • No-risk trial:They permit two weeks of testing to ensure the developers are suitable for the clients.
Toptal’s Cons:
  • At Toptal, there is less hope for small projects.
  • Experienced talents demand high rates.
  • Toptal provides limited services compared to other platforms.
  • Toptal charges an initial refundable fee to start projects.

Pros and Cons of a software outsourcing company

The more reliable and trustworthy option for hiring remote developers is outsourcing. Just imagine having cool and underrated experts working with you at an affordable cost and delivering results on time with no hypes.

In the IT industry, selecting the right partner is challenging. But talents are ready to help you from another side of yours. Many software development companies are outsourcing their experts. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of a Software Outsourcing Company.

Outsourcing Companies Pros:


  • Cost Affordability: The most significant reason to choose an outsourcing company is its cost-effective services. The outsourcing market is generating traffic toward them because of reliability and affordability. One can get well-experienced talent at a very affordable cost.
  • Large Talent Pool: Outsourcing companies, like Citrusbug Technolabs, hold experts on board with various departments. The company has departments like Development, Designing, HR & Management, Marketing, Quality Analyst, and others. So clients have the privilege of hiring multiple candidates from one place at a time.
  • Technical expertise: Once you choose an outsourcing company, they take responsibility for your project. They analyze your requirements and provide you with a suitable match to work with. Such companies allow a team to undertake the liability, coordinate till the end and deliver on time with excellent results.
  • Reliability & Quality: Before starting the project, companies allow screening and interviewing candidates. They also signup the NDA documents for security purposes. They always provide you with the top talents having the potential to deliver work on time.

Outsourcing Companies Cons:

  • Communication issues: The language barrier is the most significant disadvantage of offshoring outsourcing.
  • Timezone variations: The clients must shuffle various timezone. It is like having the best services; one must sacrifice some things.
  • Company morals: Most of the time, reevaluating is intended to offer something other than in-house representatives. However, utilizing in lined up with a sloping up headcount inside. Some staff might see reconsidering as a danger to their job inside the association, which can prompt a decline in efficiency.

Upwork. Vs Toptal. Vs. Citrusbug Technolabs - Table

upwork vs toptal vs citrusbug technolabs table

Benefits of outsourcing to Citrusbug Technolabs

In the IT industry, Citrusbug Technolabs is a seasoned outsourcing company. Citrusbug is a reliable development partner for many clients by providing profound software services. Here are some benefits that assure why Citrusbug Technolabs is a good fit as a software outsourcing company.

  • Top 1% talent pool: At Citrusbug, only potential clients work with them. They ensure the delivery of skill-proven candidates to work with clients. Onboarding the best developers for the project make sure a high success rate.
  • Support 24*7: The assigned developer will dedicatedly work on the given project and resolve all the queries and support till the completion of the work. The team of Citrusbug will overperform to ensure that your users have a seamless experience.
  • On-time Delivery: The Citrusbug follows the Agile methodology that creates a workflow by parting the requirements step by step. The team always works constantly to deliver satisfactory and on-time results. Furthermore, following the Agile methodology enhanced the workflow and allowed us to deliver the results on time.
  • High-Quality Application: At Citrusbug, we guarantee to give our clients Top notch applications to improve their development and brand esteem. This is the significant justification behind our excellent 95% client retention rate. Our developers continually learn and develop to remain refreshed with the most recent innovative patterns. Exceptionally talented and experienced developers will be chipping away at your undertaking to give top-notch applications with no issues.
  • Enhanced Security: We at Citrusbug vow to give you complete security and well-being for your data. We further guarantee to provide you unlimited authority and responsibility for source code post-consummation of the product development process. To cause you to have a real sense of reassurance with your data, we consent to a Non-exposure arrangement. This further guarantees 100 % security of your product.


You must have a brief idea about selecting the development partner. Please choose the correct option suitable per your preference.

We at Citrusbug have a history of a 95% of client degree of consistency with an astounding eight years of involvement with the product development space. We work with the best IT gifts to cultivate your product development process. A trustworthy software programming organization like Citrusbug, with more than 300 fulfilled clients, is far superior to an unpracticed Consultant. A few advantages of working with dedicated engineers from Citrusbug are

  • Exceptionally cost-proficient
  • Keeping up with standard updates
  • Upgraded QA and testing
  • Keeping up with straightforwardness and respectability
  • Dealing with the most recent innovation
  • Cross-stage correspondence
  • 24*7 help and support


The outsourcing development work model offers many benefits compared to other options. You can hire multiple candidates for several roles from one rooftop. They provide legal security for confidential works. It is a hassle-free and secure option that undergoes to your budget.

Citrusbug has a history of a 95% client standard for dependability with an astounding eight years of involvement with product development. A few advantages of working with dedicated engineers from Citrusbug are

  • Exceptionally cost-proficient
  • Keeping up with standard updates
  • Upgraded QA and testing
  • Keeping up with straightforwardness and respectability
  • Dealing with the most recent innovation
  • Cross-stage correspondence
  • 24*7 help and support

Citrusbug vows to give you complete security and well-being for your data. We guarantee to provide you with comprehensive oversight and responsibility for source code post-fulfillment of the product advancement process. To cause you to have a real sense of reassurance with your data, we consent to a Non-exposure arrangement. This further guarantees 100 % security of your product.

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