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10 Best Web Development Frameworks in 2021 (Frontend & Backend)

10 Best Web Development Frameworks in 2021 (Frontend & Backend)

Rising demand of Web Development

Building and enhancing the online presence has become a top priority for every business nowadays, even retailers who were highly dependent upon the physical visits had to pivot their services on the web due to Covid-19 spread in 2021.

Abundant Web development frameworks!

From the outstanding capabilities of React in frontend to the uniqueness of Ruby in backend, whether to develop a simple static website or a complex SaaS application, there are a plethora of web development frameworks available in the market. 

So, you have to do some brainstorming and dig deeper into functionalities of each in order to select the best web development framework for your business.

You might end up scratching your head and therefore, we want to serve you a silver platter containing a list of best web development frameworks in 2021 that will make this process super easy and smooth.

We’ll mention the fascinating facts and features that make these frameworks best in the market. And on top of that, we’ll also name some of the most popular websites and applications that are enjoying the perks of these top web development frameworks. 

Here we go

                10 Best Web Development Frameworks in 2021

10 best web development frameworks in 2020 (backend & frontend)

Let’s dive into this & get started with the best frontend frameworks

1) React JS

Created by Facebook in 2013, React has gained massive popularity in the web development industry and now it is considered as the most beloved JavaScript framework of every programmer. 

And with the release of cross-platform mobile development framework - React Native, it not only considered as one the best web development framework but also surged its dominance in capturing a significant share in the mobile market.

Amazing features of React JS

  • Unidirectional Data Binding

  • Flexibility across Web & Mobile 

  • Virtual DOM

  • Ease in Learning & Expanding

  • Enhanced Speed & Performance

  • Highly compatible with vast Libraries

  • Stable Code

Github Stars : 156,000 +

Latest update : 16.13.1 (March, 2020)

Official Website -

Popular Web applications using React JS framework

popular react web applications example

2) Angular

It was introduced by Google in 2010, and after releasing the rewrite version “Angular 2.0” which made it more stable, Angular came into the limelight snatching the attention of many big technological players.

Furthermore, Google maintained consistency with regular updates by adding amazing new features and functions. With the latest update of Angular 10 in August 2020, it is considered as one of the top web development framework for frontend.

Let’s look at the features Angular offers that lead to high-web page performances

  • Two-way Data binding

  • Modular development structure

  • Ease in Maintaining

  • Dependency Injection

  • TypeScript-based (superset of JavaScript)

  • High performance for Single Page Hefty Apps

  • Offers great flexibility

Github Stars : 66,000 +

Latest update : Angular 10 (Aug, 2020)

Official Website. -

Popular Websites using Angular JS framework

Popular Angular websites example

3) Vue JS

Vue is another prestigious framework of JavaScript library capable of building stunning user interfaces. It was also created by a former Google employee that rectified much of the complexities in Angular.

Due to its simplicity and versatility, Vue JS has rooted its place in the list of best web development frameworks.

Have a look at some fascinating advantages of Vue

  • Virtual DOM

  • Splendid Transitions

  • Simple Syntax & Integration

  • Small Size (compatibility)

  • Easy to understand

  • Offers organized Documentation

Github Stars : 172,000 +

Latest update : 3.0 (Sept, 2020)

Official Website -

Famous websites using Vue framework

Best Vue JS websites example

4) Ember JS

Released late in 2011, this is considered as one of the top productive JavaScript framework that utilizes the component service paradigms and at the core of the development model, it contains HTML and CSS.

Eventually, after the launch of Ember 2.0 in 2015 which includes great stabilization, it became well-known for developing maintainable and reusable JavaScript web apps that assured its consideration in the list of best web development frameworks in 2020.

Ember JS features

  • Stability without Stagnation 

  • Gigantic Ecosystem

  • Built-in functionalities

  • Optimistic & Prudent web standards

  • Integrity with massive Codebase

Github Stars : 21500 + 

Latest update : Ember 3.17

Official Website -

Some popular brands using this web framework

Popular websites created in Ember JS web development framework

5) Backbone JS

It is one of the lightest JavaScript framework that is based on Model View Presenter (MVP). Backbone was created by Jeremy Ashkenas, who also developed CoffeeScript as well as Underscore JS. 

Take a look at some of the reasons why Backbone JS is regarded as one of the best web development framework :-

  • Automatically updation of HTML code

  • 100+ extensions are available

  • Backend syncing that gives great support to RESTful APIs

  • Allows you to omit tedious coding if you’re using Backbone conventions

  • Allows you to develop compact web applications using jQuery

Github Stars : 27,700 +

Latest Update : 1.4.0 (Feb, 2019)

Official website -

Popular websites using Backbone includes

Popular websites developed Backbone JS framework

Now, Let's shed some light on best backend web development frameworks

6) Django

It is a Python-based server-side framework that provides much comfort and ease in development of complex and data-driven websites.

Creating highly functional web applications with the syntax rules of Python, it allows programmers to write readable, clean and maintainable code.

Currently, Django stands at the vanguard and recognized as the best web development framework to develop the backend of web applications. 

Look at some of the top features of Django which makes this framework the most dominant in backend web development

  • Standalone web server for development & testing

  • Stimulates the custom web application development

  • Batteries-included web framework

  • MVC (Model-View-Controller) Paradigm

  • Compatible with vast OS and Databases

  • Enhanced Security

  • Huge proactive community

Github Stars : 52,000 +

Latest update : 3.1 (Aug, 2020)

Official Website -

Websites and applications of some popular brands that are developed using Django web framework

Popular websites created in Django web development framework

7) Laravel

PHP is the primeval web development language that greatly influenced the whole web development industry for a couple of decades and beyond. Currently, Laravel is the most popular framework of PHP which was created by Taylor otwell. 

From building exceptional web applications for small and medium sized enterprises to large multi-million organizations, this top web development framework offers incredible versatility focusing on each and every segment.

Here are some of its important features

  • Command Line Interface

  • Easy Migrations

  • Database System Support

  • MVC Architecture

  • Eloquent Object Relational Mapping (ORM)

  • Modular Systems and Libraries

  • Built-in command “Artisan”

Github Stars : 61,500 +

Latest update : 7.3.0 (Sept, 2020)

Official Website -

Popular Brands using Laravel framework for web development

Popular websites created in Laravel web development framework

8) Ruby on Rails

It is a server-side web framework based on MVC (Model-view-controller) and written in Ruby that emphasizes some worthwhile software engineering paradigms like “don’t repeat yourself” and “convention over configuration”.

With the emergence of ‘Ruby on Rails’ in 2005 it started influencing the web development world and eventually became the prime backend framework that gives cut throat competition to all the other best web technologies.

Here is Pie Chart explaining the rising usage of Ruby on Rails framework among various domains.

Percentage of usage of Ruby among different business domains

Features of Ruby on Rails

  • Supports AJAX Library

  • Action view & mailer

  • Using Rails API

  • Allows Customized Library

  • Rake Command enabled

  • Automated Deployment

  • Active Record Pattern

Github Stars : 46,500 +

Latest version : (Sept, 2020)

Official website -

Popular Web applications developed in Ruby on Rails framework

Popular websites created in Ruby On Rails web development framework

9) Flask

This is another Python-based web framework used in backend development. As it is classified as micro-framework, it does not need any specific libraries or tools nor the database abstraction layer.

But however, with the support of a built-in development server and fast debugger, Flask is capable of creating some splendid applications that you can ever imagine. 

Indeed, current web technology trends reveal that Flask is 2nd best Python framework after Django and of course, has a place in the best web development frameworks list.

Features of Flask :-

Features of Flask

  • Integrated support for unit testing

  • Unicode-based

  • WSGI 1.0 compliant

  • Offers extensive documentation

  • Built-in Development server

  • Fast debugging

  • Compatible with Google App Engine

Github Stars : 52,000 +

Latest version : 1.1.2 (April, 2020)

Official website -

Have a look at some of the popular brands using Flask for Backend web development

Popular websites created in Flask web development framework

10) Node JS

Well, Interestingly Node is a JavaScript framework that is used for server-side scripting. It is not actually a framework but a runtime environment that is based on Chrome’s V8 JS Engine.

Node JS gained much popularity when the MEAN stack concept was introduced that allows its integration with Angular JS and Express JS aligned with MongoDB Database. Over a period of time, Node has emerged and improvised quite significantly and rooted its place in best web development frameworks catalog.

Best Features of Node JS

  • Fast processing with Robust technology stack

  • Seamless JSON Support

  • MVP development

  • Simple & Easy to learn

  • Event-based model with rich ecosystem

  • Effortless scalability

Github Stars : 73,100 +

Latest version :  14.11.0 (15 Sept, 2020)

Official website -

Popular brands using Node JS

Popular websites created in Node JS web development framework

Wrapping up

So, we have listed 10 best web development frameworks with proven analysis of their top features, Github respiratories and popular websites and applications that are using these web frameworks.

We can clearly see that JavaScript is tyrannizing the frontend web development and showing no signs of going down in near future.

In backend, Python has begun to show more dominance in recent times, gaining control and beating PHP with the eliteness of Django and Flask. But Laravel has still vital significance and will stay at least for the coming few years. While Ruby on Rails has also made its place in the list of best backend web development frameworks.

Take a look at below graph which represent the trends of web technologies and frameworks over the decade.

web development Programming languages trend from 2014 to 2020

Along with Machine learning and AI deliverables, Python can be seen growing exponentially while JavaScript & PHP remained consistent over the period of time. 

Now needless to say, most importantly, you have to stay up to date with technology trends in order to avoid getting stumbled when any new framework arrives in the market.

So, if technology is not your core business and you are seeking a free consultation regarding which frameworks to choose for your next web development project, you can always reach Citrusbug

We have a highly-qualified team of developers and project managers who have honed their skills in all the above best web development technologies.

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