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Best Python Library For AI And ML [Latest]

best python libraries for ai & ml

The demand for Python development services is ever-increasing, and rightfully so. Python is a powerful language that is highly versatile and has numerous use cases for diverse market needs. From software development to web app development to game development and more, Python can be leveraged to create reliable digital solutions.

Another significant sphere where Python is shining in the current times is Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. ML and AI are cutting-edge technologies that are highly prevalent due to their terrific data analysis and data processing capabilities.

Today, businesses truly understand the value of data. As a result, they want resources for their enterprise that can dig deep into the data and derive valuable information from it. Here is where AI and ML apps come into play and help process the data in-depth.

The generated insights help lower production costs, increase productivity, and enhance business efficiency. Not many people know, but these AI and ML apps work because they are powered and backed by various Python libraries.

Hence, in this blog, we will explore various  Python libraries that power ML and AI apps and help them bring a substantial difference to several industries.

What are Python Libraries?

Python libraries are the collection of precompiled codes built for specific, well-defined operations in a program. These codes are usually developed for general operations of a program that stays the same in various applications such as login pages, calendar features, social media integrations, etc.

Apart from the pre-compiled codes, Python libraries also consist of configuration data, templates, documentation, classes, values, etc. This collection of bundled codes makes programming convenient and simpler for the developer as they can skip creating similar functions that serve the same purpose time and again. Python libraries are extremely beneficial in bringing success to almost all Python development services.

How do Python Libraries Function?

Different Python development companies leverage different ways to link libraries with Python programs, depending on their software platform. For instance, in the MS Windows environment, Python libraries have a DLL extension (Dynamic Load Libraries) that is used to link the program to the AI Python library.

When the program is executed, the linker automatically looks for the library extension and further extracts the functionalities of that particular library to get the program working. However complex your program may be, Python libraries provide a great way to ease the development process for developers.

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What is the Role of Python in ML and AI?

You must be wondering, there are countless programming languages, but why do businesses only hire Python developers to build apps for ML and AI programs? The following reasons will help you comprehend why it is so:

Python is a Combo of Power and Flexibility

Python is based on OOPs (object-oriented programming language) concepts. It means that it is extensible and can use several repositories and libraries. Apart from that, Python consists of numerous automation and interaction tools that make it powerful and functional to create intelligent automation tasks.

Python has Exhaustive Libraries

One of the reasons everyone wants to hire Python developers and the surging demand for the language is the availability of thousands of Python libraries.

You can find a Python library for almost every existing problem on the planet, making your program development swifter, and easier, and ensuring smooth program implementation and integration.

Open Source Language with an Easy Learning Curve

Python is an open-source language readily available to anyone who wants to learn it. Moreover, natural language processing offers easy readability and has a simple syntax structure that beginners can easily understand.

Being an easy and effective language to learn, it is preferred by a vast number of application developers worldwide.

Backing of Vast Python Community

Python is one of the top-growing languages in the world. Not only Python developers but Python development services globally have quadrupled in the recent few years.

This surge in the number of Python developers has extended the support for the extensive Python community, which is always active and eager to work on new problems and use Python to better the digital world and businesses.

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What are the Top Python Libraries Used in ML and AI?

Python libraries play a significant role in making ML and AI the technologies they are today. Here are some of the well-known Python libraries that are leveraged in the development of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence applications:

1. Numpy

It is a popular Python library used to handle multi-dimensional data and complex mathematical functions being used on the data. The NumPy library powers the speed of computation of mathematical expressions and execution of complex functions working on arrays.

Key Features:

  • Shape manipulation.

  • Discretion of Fourier transformations.

  • Statistical operations and linear algebra.

  • Support for n-dimensional arrays.

  • Data cleaning and manipulation.

  • Random simulations.

2. Pandas

Pandas is a prominent Python library for Machine Learning concepts. It is a data analysis library that analyses and manipulates the data. Pandas make it easier for developers to work with structured multidimensional data and time series concepts and produce efficient results.

Key Features:

  • Data alignment and handling of missing data.

  • Merging and joining of datasets.

  • Dataset reshaping and pivoting.

  • Data filtration.

  • Data manipulation and analysis.

  • Indexing of the data.

3. Matplotlib

It is a data visualization library used for designing plots and graphs. The library itself is an extension of SciPy and handles complex data models of Pandas as well as NumPy data structures. Matplotlib offers features such as Basemap, GTK tools, Cartopy, Mplot4d, etc., that help in generating image plots, 3D plots, contour plots, and more.

Key Features:

  • High-quality diagrams, plots, histograms, graphs, etc.

  • Intuitive and easy to use.

  • GUI toolkit support.

  • Map projections.

  • Recognition of data patterns.

4. SciPy

It is a Python library that originates from NumPy. SciPy is leveraged by Python development services to perform technical and scientific computing on large sets of data. The library has built-in array optimization and linear algebra modules that help in scientific analysis and engineering.

Key Features:

  • Array manipulation subroutines.

  • User-friendliness.

  • Data visualization and manipulation.

  • Scientific and technical analysis.

5. Scikit-learn

It is a powerful Python library that was originally generated to serve the purpose of data modeling and building machine learning algorithms. It has a simple, engaging, and consistent interface that is exceptionally user-friendly, making it easy to use and share data.

Key Features:

  • Data modeling.

  • End-to-end Machine Learning algorithms.

  • Model selection.

  • Classification of data.

  • Dimensionality reduction.

  • Pre-processing of the data.

6. TensorFlow

It is an open-source library used for reaching data and production purposes. The library is offered by Google and can be used to make ML model building easier. TensorFlow offers a flexible framework and architecture that enables it to run on various computational platforms. However, it has its tensor processing unit (TPU) through which the best results can be obtained.

Key Features:

  • Creating deep learning models.

  • Natural Language Processing.

  • Abstraction capabilities.

  • Managing deep neural networks.

  • Image, text, and speech recognition.

7. Keras

It is an open-source Python neural network library that is offered as an extension to the TensorFlow library. Keras is designed for building and evaluating neural networks within machine learning and deep learning models. The library is flexible, modular, and extensible and can be integrated with objectives, optimizers, layers, and activation functions.

Key Features:

  • Activation and cost functions.

  • Data pooling.

  • Developing neural layers.

  • Batch normalization.

  • Building deep learning models.

8. Theano

It is a highly prevalent Python library utilized by several Python development companies to evaluate complex mathematical expressions. It is purposely developed for Machine Learning technology and enables efficient optimization and evaluation of matrix calculations. Theaono can be integrated with NumPy to increase the computation speed by 140 percent.

Key Features:

  • Faster and stable evaluations.

  • High-performing mathematical computations.

  • Data-intensive calculation.

  • Working with multidimensional arrays.

9. PyTorch

Highly popular production-ready Python libraries for Machine Learning concepts. The library supports GPU acceleration and provides performance optimization to deep neural networks. PyTorch is mostly used for boosting the performance of deep learning frameworks and is supported by a vast Python community.

Key Features:

  • Development of deep learning models.

  • Matrix-vector multiplication.

  • Statistical distribution and operations.

  • Greater control over datasets.


Python libraries are highly beneficial when working with ML and AI technologies. That is why the demand to hire Python developers is expanding with each passing day. Here at Citrusbug, we have a team of Python experts who are passionate and understand the intricacies of the Python programming language to develop capable ML and AI applications.


All the above-listed libraries are capable of creating functional ML and AI apps. The best suited library for your project will depend upon the intended features you wish to use in your application.

Python libraries are vast in size and cover almost all objectives on AI and ML technology. Hence, having their knowledge along with Python concepts can help you build good workable applications.

Python offers great readability and easy coding syntax which makes it suitable to create AI apps.

Citrusbug is a leading Python development company that has industry-best Python developers and the experience of building hundreds of Python apps. You can interview our Python experts and check our portfolio to analyze if we are the right choice for your project.

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